Tour Management

Having one of our highly experienced Tour Managers lead your tour takes all the stress out of managing your itinerary, and allows you time to relax and enjoy your trip.

What is the difference between a Tour Guide, and a Tour Manager?

In the UK Tour Guides are locally based individuals who join visitors for a short period of time: normally a half day, or full day, but occasionally multiple days.

Their specialist knowledge is focussed on one region or area. They have intensive local knowledge of their respective areas and can provide historical information as well as commentary about modern social life, as well as other specialist subjects. They are also often the best people to ask about local recommendations for great places to eat, or attractions to visit.

Tours in Somerset – Akeman Tours

Tour Guides are often qualified but at Akeman Tours we engage with guides who we believe are great at what they do, by offering a friendly, personable service. Most importantly, our guides are sensitive to your needs, and will not talk at you, but talk with you… they’re not lecturers but storytellers –they want you to love what they share with you, and we think you’ll find their passion for their subject, intoxicating.

Tour Managers are not Tour Guides.

Tour Managers provide logistical support services across much wider regions than those covered by Tour Guides.

Tour Managers will accompany you for every part of your tour across a country or even multiple countries, and they will stay in or near the same property as you throughout your trip. They will ensure that every stakeholder involved in your itinerary is ready to provide the service booked for you and has all the information they need to give you great, efficient service. They will provide minimal commentary on specific locations, leaving the finer detail of this to local guides.

Tour Managers will engage with you and your group on a more general basis, by providing overview information such as commentary on British culture and traditions rather than local detail.

Our Tour Management Services

Our small team of Tour Managers have years of experience in the travel industry and are well versed at managing groups of people from a wide range of backgrounds and origins.

They are always sensitive to the needs of each group and will often work with a group leader, with whom they will often establish contact before the tour starts, to ensure the needs of individuals within each group are met as best as possible. They will manage expectations and provide practical information prior to each visit. They will also meet you and your group at the airport at the start of the tour if appropriate and end their service at the airport when you leave. Working with a Tour Manager on a busy itinerary is the best way to ensure the smooth operation of your tour relieving any stress which can over-shadow decision making or planning. Contact us now to discuss your Tour Management needs.

Our Core Values

All of our guides are engaged specifically because we know them well and trust them to provide the best value service. We only work with guides we know personally and who are flexible to our clients needs. Our guides never provide lectures to our clients, but provide a friendly & personable service which is both entertaining and engaging.

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